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For this new piece, Marcelo Evelin was inspired by the entities that inhabit the forests of Brazil and the mythical imaginary of the Brazilian jungles. The forest as a particular cosmology — wild and enchanted — and as a return to a deep and unknown interior.


The Uirapuru is a Brazilian bird, which is considered the singer of the forest. Uirapuru means “man transformed into a bird” or “enchanted bird” in Tupi-Guarani, the language of the indigenous peoples of Brazil. It´s existence revolves around an indigenous legend, the transformation of one of the lovers in an impossible love story, into a rare bird, whose song makes the listener delirious. A mythical bird, almost never seen, with a beautiful song, known for bringing good luck to whoever hears it, a symbol of a Brazil that, despite being broken still sings.


This bird, in its imaginary dimension, will serve the piece as a mediation between the body, which operates through call and invocation, and the forest which, despite being exuberant, senses it is threatened, through violence and neglect. This piece, in its conception, researches ways of building another sense of humanity, through a landscape of bodies that thrust themselves into a condition of performativity between coming to rest and taking flight, to perform life as movement and gesture, but above all, as sound and vibration.


The sound creation is the responsibility of the cinema sound designer Danilo Carvalho, and is imagined as a production of filmic sonority, a sonorous animation of living and present images. The body will generate sounds which, mixed with the sounds of the Brazilian birds and the symphony by Hector Villa Lobos, Uirapuru, will produce an incorporated sonority to be performed live.


The construction of the project, as with previous experiences, is committed to a horizontal and participatory creation, and an itinerary of research, experimentation and sharing residencies. In one of the experimentation phases, the short FILM was made, which premiered at the Festival Materiais Diversos in Portugal. This work will showcase a cast of 7 Brazilian artists, prior and new collaborators, most from Piauí, and will be developed in Teresina, where Marcelo Evelin built the studio Demolition Incorporada, and continues to invest in building a working group through collaborative practices with a new generation of artists, performers and creators.

A Project by Demolition Incorporada in the CAMPO Contemporary Art
With Materiais Diversos
Concept and Choreography Marcelo Evelin
Creation and Performance Bruno Moreno / Fernanda Silva / Gui de Areia / Marcio Nonato / Rosângela Sulidade / Vanessa Nunes
Sound Danilo Carvalho
Dramaturgy Carolina Mendonça
Production Regina Veloso/Casa de Produção
Production and touring Sofia Matos/Materiais Diversos
Coproduction Festival Montpellier Danse (Fr), Teatro Municipal do Porto
(Pt) e Festival d’Automne à Paris (Fr)
Artist Residencies CAMPO (Teresina, Brazil), Teatro Municipal do Porto –
Teatro Campo Alegre (Porto, Portugal), La Vignette (Montpellier, France)


Teresina - Brasil

18 e 19 de \may, às 

May 3rd and 4th 2022 > Premiere, Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto (PT)
June 18th and 19th 2022 > Théâtre La Vignette, Montpellier Danse, Montpellier (FR)


demolition Incorporada studio - Teresina -Brazil
May 2022

Photos by Maurício Pokemon

Teatro João Paulo II - Teresina - Brazil
18 May 2022