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and yes, I said yes, I will​ yes

“Your continent is black. Black is dangerous. In the dark you can not see and you are scared. Do not move, you risk falling. First of all, do not walk in the woods. And the fear of the dark, we internalized it. They had no eyes to see. They did not explore their house. Their gender still scares them. Their bodies were colonized and they did not dare to come. The woman is scared and feels disgust for the woman … We were caught between two terrible myths: Between Medusa and the abyss. Half the world would have a fit of laughter if this had not continued. » – Hélène Cixous.

"The laugh of the Medusa In the beginning, there was Medusa, a woman who became a monster through punishment for being raped. She could kill with her gaze. Dance artists Caroline Eckly and Marcelo Evelin have taken this look as a starting point; in the eyes which, in the form of a mirror, reflect the violence of the world and which accept and absorb the gaze of others. They bring to life an image of the oracle: an oracle that transmits, invokes, that takes God or the place of the word, that opens doors that have been closed, that possess ancient occult powers. With the performance, Eckly / Evelin wants to draw attention to a dancer’s body, use its physical form and potential as raw material and medium – and look at it as a narrative in itself. They suggest laughter as crying, as a shock, as an outburst between enchantment and rage. Based on a fascination for practices and rituals where dance leads you into a subconscious state, Eckly / Evelin calls here on our imagination, through a deep dive inside where the black continent is penetrated. The audience is welcomed to a ceremony in a timeless room, where they can witness a body in transformation." - BIT-Teatergarasjen.

Created by: Marcelo Evelin and Caroline Eckly

Performed by: Caroline Eckly
Original music: Kota Yamauchi

Light: Robert Roespel
Produced by: Spreafico Eckly and demolition Incorporada
Co-Produced by: BIT-Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche

and Rosendal Teater
Supported by: Bergenkommune, Sasakawa Foundation and FFUK

Photos by Andrea Spreafico, Tale Hendnes

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